Arctic Spine Race Roster Announcement: 293 Mile Team Entrants

Discover more about our competitors as we ask what drives them and what inspires them

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Introducing the Montane Arctic Spine Teams

You can take on the Arctic Spine as a solo challenger or part of a 2, 3, or 4-person team. As with the solo entrants, the team race takes place along the Kungsleden from Abisko to Hemavan in Arctic Sweden, traversing four national parks and offering a breathtaking winter landscape.

Team Uhuru are set to tackle the 293-mile Arctic Spine Race, each bringing a unique background and determination. From ski touring and ultra running to military backgrounds, they’re a diverse and determined group. Discover more about our competitors as we ask what drives them and what inspires them as they prepare to conquer the Arctic wilderness. Between them, they have an abundance of resilience and spirit, and we can’t wait to see them toe the start line.

Montane Arctic Spine Team: Uhuru

Edward Sellon (GBR)

Why the Arctic: For the ultimate (but accessible) arctic adventure. Extreme environments are better with friends. And friends are made better by extreme environments.
Experience: Two decades of experience in the British Army, currently serving as a full-time Medical Officer, participated in numerous winter exercises in Norway.
Excited for: Embracing the Arctic tundras relentless challenge.
Not so excited for: The howling gales, a fierce reminder of nature.

Angus Currie (GBR)

Why the Arctic: Passionate about exploration and adventure in beautiful settings. Angus cherishes challenges together with his friends and for personal growth.
Experience: 430-mile Yukon Arctic Ultra, decades of experience in skiing and ski touring, and completed the Spine Challenger
Excited for: Self-sufficiency, vast space, stunning scenery, team camaraderie – being immersed in the experience, leaving the pure essence of the moment.
Not so excited for: The hours training in the dark, cold and wet over Christmas!

Alexander Allen (GBR)

Why the Arctic: The Spine comes with great pedigree and this being the inaugural race adds extra excitement. It will be a great environment to test the team. Plus – it’s undeniably beautiful.
Experience: Yukon Arctic Ultra (430 miles), ex-British Army Infantry/Special Forces officer
Excited for: Race prep, honing cold weather skills, starry nights, and the exhilarating challenge.
Not so excited for: The day after, when it all ends.

Final thought

As we delve into the profiles of Team Uhuru, it’s evident that the Montane Arctic Spine Teams represent the human spirit’s capacity for endurance and adventure. From military experience to ultra running and ski touring, their shared determination is awe-inspiring.

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