Montane Arctic Spine

Arctic Spine

Kungsleden Trail

£3,000 per athlete

Enter the Arctic Spine

A non-stop 293 mile expedition race along the Kunglesden Trail.

The Montane Arctic Spine is a non-stop, 293 mile (472 km) foot race along the Kungsleden Trail in Arctic Sweden, one of the most stunning winter landscapes in the world. Starting at Abisko, you will journey through snowfields, Arctic tundra and frozen woodlands often breaking trail as you go towards your finish line at Hemavan. This is an expedition race that will require self-sufficiency and proficiency in extreme cold weather management. Experiencing temperatures as low as -40°C and winds as high as 40 mph, you will need to be able to navigate in whiteout conditions while still racing. You will need to have grit, determination and skills to get through to the end. It’s no surprise that this race is gaining the recognition as one of the toughest in the world.

Arctic Spine 2024 Highlights

Discover what it takes to conquer the mighty Kungsleden Trail in Arctic Sweden.

Race Details

  • Location: Kunglesden Trail, Sweden
  • Distance: 293 miles / 472 km 
  • Start: 09:00 Feb 8th 2025, Abisko
  • Finish: 21:00 Feb 17th 2025, Hemavan
  • Time Limit: 228 hours
  • Temperature: -5°C / -40°C
  • Terrain: Arctic tundra 
  • Daylight Hours: 8 hours
  • Start line Airport: Kiruna
  • Event Days: 9.5

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What's Next?

Ready to take on the challenge of The Montane Arctic Spine? Book a call with Race Director Phil Hayday-Brown to find out more or take a closer look at the route.


Eoin Murray (GBR)

“For an experience of a lifetime in the Arctic wilderness, this challenge will push competitors to the limit on a voyage of pure self-discovery" 

Arctic Spine Challenger 2024


Edward Sellon (GBR) 

“You have to do more than just physically endure the miles. This is an expedition race and you've got to be able to survive on your own. The Kungsleden is iconic for a reason. It’s very special.”

Arctic Spine Challenger 2024


Kevin Leahy (IRE)

"It was -25 degrees and I was happily cruising across a frozen lake. When I looked up, I saw the Northern Lights for the first time. This is why I do this."

Arctic Spine 2024


Andrew Bond (GBR)

“The Arctic Spine location and route felt truly remote. More than any other Arctic event I’ve done."

Arctic Spine Challenger 2024


Rob Brooks (GBR)

“I signed up because I wanted the challenge of testing myself in an extreme but beautiful environment. The Arctic Spine team were fantastic.”

Arctic Spine 2024

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