Montane Arctic Spine


Kungsleden Trail

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A non-stop 293 mile expedition race along the Kunglesden Trail.

The Montane Arctic Spine is a non-stop, 293 mile (472 km) foot race along the Kungsleden Trail in Arctic Sweden, one of the most stunning winter landscapes in the world. Starting at Abisko, you will journey through snowfields, Arctic tundra and frozen woodlands flanked by Sweden’s highest mountains as you travel towards your finish line at Hemavan. This is an expedition race that will require self-sufficiency and proficiency in cold weather management. Experiencing temperatures as low as -35°C and winds as high as 40 mph, you will need to be able to navigate in whiteout conditions while still racing. You will need to have grit, determination and skills to get through to the end. This will be an adventure of a lifetime.

An Introduction to the Montane Arctic Spine

Discover what it takes to conquer the mighty Kungsleden Trail in Arctic Sweden.

Race Details

  • Location: Kunglesden Trail, Sweden
  • Distance: 293 miles / 472 km 
  • Start: 09:00 February 6th 2024, Abisko
  • Finish: 09:00 February 14th 2024, Hemavan
  • Time Limit: 192 hours
  • Temperature: -5°C / -35°C
  • Terrain: Arctic tundra 
  • Daylight Hours: 8 hours
  • Airport: Kiruna
  • Places Available: 25

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What's Next?

Ready to take on the challenge of The Montane Arctic Spine? Join us at one of our Arctic intro events to discover step by step knowledge of what’s required to take on this challenge. You can also book a call with the Race Director Phil Hayday-Brown or take a closer look at the route.

Race Roster

Mike Stevenson (GBR)

It's the unique, unpredictable landscape that calls Mike back time and time again. With solo, unsupported journeys from Siberia to Mongolia, Sweden to Norway, and a world record in the fastest Lake Baikal crossing, Mike's experience is extensive. He's eagerly anticipating the first-ever Arctic Spine race, looking forward to exploring the Sarek National Park and witnessing mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. He is however, less excited about the challenges of sleep deprivation, deep snow, and blisters!


Race Roster

Robin Imthorn (NLD)

Driven by a mission to inspire and break barriers, Robin, previously a Dutch Marine, draws on his resilience from overcoming mental health challenges. He eagerly anticipates exploring the Arctic and connecting with fellow adventurers, despite the looming fatigue.


Race Roster

Joe Barrs (GBR)

The spirited Spine Race community inspired Joe to embark on this pioneering journey. With a background in winter ultramarathons, Alpine skiing, mountaineering, and military service as a Royal Marines Commando, Joe is well-prepared for the Arctic challenge. He looks forward to exploring new territory with the Spine community.


Race Roster

Kevin Leahy (IRE)

Kevin's lured by the allure of breathtaking scenery and an immense challenge. Having conquered two 500km Arctic races, including the Yukon Arctic Ultra, he's eager to find his rhythm and fully immerse in the experience. The early 4am wake-ups after just 2 hours of sleep, however, are not as enticing!


Race Roster

Rob Brooks (GBR)

Polar realms have always captivated Rob, heightened by his training with Phil Hayday-Brown in Arctic Sweden last year. With two successful winter Spine completions, numerous ultras, and Spine Arctic training, Rob is well-versed for this challenge. He's eager to return to the extraordinary, untouched Arctic landscape.


Race Roster

Barclay Morison (GBR)

Barclay embraces the Arctic for a once-in-a-lifetime winter adventure. With extensive experience in multi-day ski touring and conquering long-distance races, he's excited for the serenity, stunning scenery, and, of course, the challenge. There's little that can dampen his spirits!


Race Roster

Robi Dattatreya (NLD)

Robi's captivation with the polar environment sparked from his experience at the BTU Ice Ultra, led him towards the Arctic Spine. With an impressive track record of 25+ ultra marathons and 30 years of downhill skiing, he's geared up for the challenge. The preparation process with the ultimate thrill of crossing the finish line excite him.


Race Roster

Edward Sellon (GBR)

With two decades of British Army service, currently serving as a full-time Medical Officer with extensive winter exercises in Norway, Edward eagerly anticipates the ultimate Arctic adventure alongside his team mates. He believes extreme environments are better with friends. And friends are made better by extreme environments.

Team Uhuru

Race Roster

Angus Currie (GBR)

Angus, a seasoned adventurer with a background in the British Army, brings decades of experience in skiing, ski touring, and ultra-distance events, including the Spine Challenger and Yukon Arctic Ultra. His passion for exploration and adventure in stunning settings drives him to embrace the self-sufficiency, vastness, and team camaraderie that the Arctic Spine Race promises.

Team Uhuru

Race Roster

Alexander Allen (GBR)

A former British Army Infantry/Special Forces officer, Alexander is eagerly preparing for the inaugural Arctic Spine Race, drawing from his experience in the Yukon Arctic Ultra. He's excited about the race preparation and honing his cold weather skills believing it will be a great environment to test the team. He's looking forward to the undeniable beauty of the race and the awe-inspiring nights under the stars. The rich legacy of the Spine Race, combined with the inaugural nature of this event, amplifies his anticipation for this extraordinary challenge.

Team Uhuru

Race FAQs

We believe this is an epic adventure most people can complete with the rights skills and approach. If you have questions about whether you meet the required experience please speak to us. We can advise on a range of qualification options to get you to the start-line.


Solo entrants must have cold weather experience from similar events such as the Rovaniemi, Yukon Arctic Ultra, 6633, Arrowhead, Iditasport, and have demonstrable cold weather skills and experience from their profession or past experience. Your participation will be discussed with the race organisers prior to your acceptance as a solo participant.


Whilst the above entry criteria and an experience statement is requested, team entries (of 2, 3 or 4 persons) are open to those who may lack the experience to participate as a soloist. Team entries provide additional personal safety to entrants and are recommended for those who lack solo experience in extreme cold environments.


All participants, regardless of their declared or approved experience will have to participate in a pre-event assessment course with modules focused on the core winter safety components such as winter camping, travel, navigation, personal administration, preparing food, water and dealing with emergency situations.  If your skill level does not meet the required standard your entry may be reviewed prior to the race start. For example you may be placed within a team or you may be requested to participate in the shorter distance event.

Yes. We welcome team entries of 2, 3 or 4 persons. Team entries provide additional personal safety to entrants and are recommended for those who lack solo experience in extreme cold environments. You can let us know if you want to participate as a team in the sign-up process.

Phil Hayday-Brown, Co-founder of the Montane Spine Races will be the Race Director for the Arctic Races.

Phil started his career at The John Ridgway Adventure School learning the skills that would take him to the North and South Poles. Racing to the magnetic North Pole when working in the High Canadian Arctic (Nunavut) he went on to help organise and take part in the first race to the South Pole since the 1911/12 famous race between Scott and Amundsen. In 2013, Phil completed an expedition to the Geographic North Pole, breaking an unofficial world record for the fastest team to the North Pole over the last 2 degrees. Other recent recces include Lake Baikal in Siberia and Greenland where Phil has been exploring new race opportunities for Spine.

We have provided more detailed information in the race pack but there are a number of accommodation options available to you. We do advise booking early.






N.B. it is worth becoming an STF member before coming out

We would always recommend that every competitor purchases appropriate insurance to cover your participation in a Montane Spine event and the costs of your entry fee, should you not be able to take part.

The race has enormous infrastructure costs, most of which are fixed, which unfortunately prevents the option of a full refund. We want to be as fair as possible though, so while your entry fee includes a non-refundable deposit, if you notify us before the deadline (see Terms & Conditions) 100 days before the race, you will get a partial refund. Please read the T&Cs before make your payment.

The total cost for The Montane Arctic Spine is £3000.

To secure your place, you can either pay in full when you enter or pay a deposit of £1000. The remaining fee can be split over two payments. £1000 will be due 140 days before race start and the final £1000 will be due 100 days before race start. See below for the payment schedule.

Payments can be made online via your debit or credit card.

Payment schedule

To secure your place in the race, you will need to make a deposit payment of £1000 on entry. The remaining fee is split over two further payments of £1000. Alternatively, you can pay in full when you enter.

You can use your debit or credit card to make your payments online. Stripe Payments handles the steps between you providing your card information and learning that the payment has been accepted. Some of the world’s largest companies, including Amazon and Shopify, use Stripe.


Pay a £1000 deposit in order to secure your place.

140 days to go

£1000 of the total race entry fee is now due.

100 days to go

Final payment of £1000 is now due.

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