Montane Spine Expedition Races

Take on one of the toughest endurance races in the world.

Non-stop endurance racing along the most brutal trails in the world. 

The Montane Spine Races are widely regarded amongst the toughest endurance races in the world. The non stop, expedition style of racing will test your physical and mental resilience in the most challenging of conditions.

The expedition series is made of three different race events; the Winter Races, the Summer Races and the Arctic Races. The Winter and Summer Races, often known as Britain’s Most Brutal, take on the iconic Pennine Way in the UK. The Arctic Races take on The King’s Trail, also known as the Kunglesden, Sweden’s longest and most famous trail.

Prepare yourself to take on one of the biggest challenges of your life.



An Introduction to the Montane Arctic Spine

Discover what it takes to conquer the mighty Kungsleden Trail in Arctic Sweden.

What our runners say

Damian Hall

The Spine Race is always one hell of a ride. The historic trail, the drama of winter, the incredible community and the excitement of racing others.

Montane Winter Spine Legend

What our runners say

Jack Scott

You need the ability to comprehend the distance and time on your feet, exposed to the winter conditions. But the race runs deeper than that. The sense of feeling I got was the Spine race will do what it wants with you. It's in control. Stay awake, let it evolve and look after yourself. You might have a chance of cracking the code and reaching the wall!

Montane Winter Spine Winner 2024 and Course Record Holder

What our runners say

Hannah Rickman

The Spine race is full of low lows and high highs. Every time the Pennine Way knocked me down, a lovely volunteer, an amazing sunset or a kind stranger always appeared to pick me back up again. There's no experience like it.

Montane Winter Spine 2nd Place Female 2023 and 2024

What our runners say

Claire Bannwarth

The whole course was magnificent. Of course there were some downs, mainly during the night. Thank you for the organisation. It was a really amazing race.

Montane Winter Spine Female Winner 2023 and 2024

What our runners say

Eoin Keith

If you run your own race, and optimise your own performance, your best performance will come out.

Montane Spine Legend

What our runners say

G Brian Hutchinson & Tim Bradley

The Cheviots was a two-person job. We took it in turns to break the trail. We relied on each other to survive. This was teamwork.

Montane Winter Spine Challenger North Winners 2023

What our runners say

Steph Dwyer

It's inspiring this year that there will be more than one woman that finishes the MRT Challenge. It will hopefully encourage other woman to take part and realise this isn't a big scary thing - you just need to give it a try.

Montane Winter Spine MRT Challenge South Female Winner 2023

Montane Spine Expedition Races

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Montane Spine Expedition Races

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