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We can now announce the eagerly anticipated launch of The Montane Summer Spine Races 2023. Off the back of overwhelming support for the event this year, we’ll be back stronger than ever. Racing will commence on the 17th and 18th of June 2023.

New to the schedule is the much-requested Montane Summer Spine Challenger North giving runners the opportunity to experience the northern section of the Pennine Way. We are excited to introduce this to the summer races alongside The Montane Summer Spine, The Montane Summer Spine Challenger South, and The Montane Summer Spine Sprint.

And that’s not all that’s changed. Entries will be opened on our brand new website, using our brand new booking system.


Get your fingers at the ready as we kick off race entry proceedings on Monday 25th July. Entries will open as follows:

Monday 25th July MIDDAY | The Montane Summer Spine Sprint

Tuesday 26th July 10:00hrs | All other races

Entry links will be distributed via email and social media as soon as entries open.


The launch this year is going to be a bit different. We’ve been eagerly working in the background on a new system designed to make life simpler and easier for everyone involved in the Spine family; our runners, our volunteers, and our own team. We have been busy testing the system and are now confident to launch to the wider community. But it will look and feel different to our current website and application process.


  1. Race Entry:

For each race, you will be directed to a web page. Entry links will be distributed via email and social media as soon as entries open. From there you can learn about the race and download a Race Pack which contains information about the route, checkpoints, race rules, a basic kit list, and FAQs.

When you’re ready to enter (although don’t leave it too long as demand is high!) you will be guided through an online entry form and payment process. Once this is complete, your entry will be confirmed, and you will feature on the race roster.

  1. Runner Portal:

Once you’re a confirmed runner, you will be given access to your own online runner portal. The portal is designed to give you information about your entry, for example, your payments and, over the coming weeks, information specific to your race such as GPX files and kit specifications. The runner portal will also be the area where we will ask you to provide further details such as your medical questionnaire, dietary requirements, t shirt sizes, and so forth.


All of the information that you would typically have got from the participant area will be provided through the information in the downloadable Race Pack and via your new runner portal once you have entered. However, we will keep the information available for the time being whilst we make the transition to the new system. All winter participants already signed up to a Spine Race will continue to use the participant area on the current website for the timebeing.


I’ve previously been pre-approved; will I have to reapply?

Everyone will need to complete the online entry and payment process via our new website whether they previously had a spine account or not. However, if you’re a previous participant you’ll be able to indicate this in your application and it will help you pass the vetting process. All runners will then be given access to your own runner portal from where we will keep you updated on race communications.

How does the online entry and payment process work?

You can enter your chosen race via the relevant webpage. From there you will be guided through a simple sign-up process that asks for your details such as name, address and contact information. There will be some vetting questions to answer to assess your suitability for the race. Once you are past the vetting process, you will make your payment to secure your entry. Payment can be made online via your debit or credit card. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your entry and your name will be made public on the race roster.

What happens if I don’t pass the automatic vetting process?

If you do not pass the automatic vetting process, your application will be reviewed by our Race Director to ensure your suitability and safety. Whilst this process occurs, your entry will be reserved for you. If you are successfully approved by the Race Director, you will be immediately notified, and you can complete your online entry and payment. If you are not successful, you will be contacted via email and we suggest you speak to us about building the relevant experience or entering an alternative race.

How does the waitlist process work?

If you enter a race and it is full, you will be given the option to go on to the waitlist. As soon as a place becomes available, you will be notified immediately by email. You will then need to complete your race entry and payment before the place is made available to the next runner.

How do I access my runner portal?

Once you have entered, you will be given the option to access your runner portal. You will be sent an email that correctly identifies that it is you accessing the portal from which point you will gain entry. We suggest that you save the link in your favourites so that you can swiftly access it in the future. Alternatively, you will be able to enter the portal via the summer race webpages.

I’m entered into a Montane Winter Spine race; will I get access to a runner portal?

The runner portal, at this point in time, will only be available to competitors who enter The Montane Summer Spine Races 2023. However, our plan going forward to is to make it available to all our runners. We will keep you updated on when this will happen.

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